ThermaCote® is a high-performance thermal barrier coating suitable for interior and exterior applications. ThermaCote® uses a ceramic-based, waterborne-acrylic coating that provides excellent insulation and weatherproofing properties. This coating applies easily, dries similarly to latex paint, reduces a building’s energy usage, and contributes to lower building maintenance costs by improving weatherization. The ultra-low VOC content makes ThermaCote® an eco-friendly way to protect your facility against corrosion and moisture.


ThermaCote® offers an ideal energy-saving protective coating for interior applications. After an application, ThermaCote® increases the life of structural components while simultaneously cutting energy consumption. Using ThermaCote® also facilitates significant improvements for batt insulation and HVAC-R performance.

Loose building envelopes increase energy demand on structures since they allow air to escape and lead to higher risks of mold and mildew. However, the application of ThermaCote® seals the envelope of any structure and helps provide a climate-controlled interior for residential, commercial, or industrial insulation. ThermaCote® is a quick and simple way to stop thermal transfer in a structure’s beams and joints.

ThermaCote® also features excellent performance on exterior structural elements. When used in these applications, it provides excellent protection against weather, decreases maintenance costs, combats the urban heat island effect, and lowers energy usage and HVAC-R costs. ThermaCote® also prevents spores and contaminants from entering the building envelope, significantly lowering the risk of mold and mildew.

Using ThermaCote® for interiors and exteriors provides several significant benefits, including:

  • Lowering energy usage and HVAC-R costs
  • Providing an excellent weather barrier
  • Eco-friendly, with no off-gassing and ultra-low VOC content
  • Combating the urban heat island effect

ThermaCote® for Asphalt or Concrete Protection, Cool Roofs, & More!

ThermaCote® effectively seals a building’s envelope through interior, exterior, or combined applications. Some common application methods include coating the interior of exterior decking and the wood or metal studs in roofs, ceilings, and walls.

ThermaCote® offers award-winning substrate protection by forming a secure barrier against water and humidity, while still allowing moisture trapped in the substrate to escape and evaporate. This creates a dry inner wall and increases the performance of the building’s substrate. When applied on exterior surfaces, ThermaCote® eliminates expansion and contraction and prevents the absorption of runaway heat gain from direct sun rays. It also mitigates cold transference in colder seasons, which helps keep indoor heat inside.


In addition to protecting buildings, ThermaCote® also provides valuable benefits to asphalt and concrete applications. It adds traction without the need for aggregate materials and can be applied with a smooth finish. It also improves the safety of asphalt and concrete in wet conditions, as it is not slippery when wet. ThermaCote® adheres well to almost any dry substrate without the need for special cleaning or pressure washing in advance. Prepping asphalt or concrete with forced air and sweepers is the only necessary step before application.

Minimal maintenance is required after initial installation. ThermaCote® can withstand rainfall, street sweeping, or exposure to tires and pedestrian traffic without impeding its function. It is an environmentally friendly way of increasing the safety and functionality of roadways, parking structures, concrete bridges, overpasses, and support structures. ThermaCote® is lightweight and simple to apply, allowing users to improve the structural integrity of concrete walls, roofs, and beams. In asphalt applications, it provides slip and skid resistance and keeps asphalt cool to the touch. This makes it an excellent solution for pool and play decks, as well as blacktop and recreational courts.


ThermaCote® also has roofing applications. With a simple spray application, a durable protective coating can extend the life of the structure, add insulation, and increase energy efficiency. The reflectivity of ThermaCote® ensures that roofs stay cooler and buildings have reduced heat gains. ThermaCote® reduces roof temperatures up to 38%, reducing strain and improving efficiency for HVAC-R units.

ThermaCote® is an energy-saving solution for nearly any building or structure. It can extend the life of structural elements and surfaces by improving weatherization and lowering the risk of mold. In applications such as roofing, asphalt, or concrete, it significantly lowers the surface temperature, improves traction, and extends the life of heating and air conditioning equipment.

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